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With over a decade of hands-on experience in diverse industries like HR, Fintech, Media, and E-Commerce, Praveen's journey is an inspiring tapestry of innovation, persistence, and mastery. From building applications that scale to hundereds of thousands of users to pioneering in areas like IoT and debt settlement, his work with prominent companies such as Beyond Finance, Skyharbor, Unboxable and Pooplebox showcases his adaptability and flair for creation. A true tech polymath, Praveen's professional endeavors encapsulate everything from crafting seamless user experiences to redefining industries through technology.

A spark ignited in his youth when Praveen's curiosity drove him to construct a wallet from waste cloth, a symbolic beginning to a career marked by ingenuity and resourcefulness. Whether it was launching a social forum from scratch and growing it to 500+ users in a month or deconstructing electronics only to assemble them flawlessly again in the age of eight, while rest of his croud was busy playing games, Praveen's approach has always been characterized by experimentation and meticulous execution. His side projects and self-driven learning reflect not just his expertise but also a relentless pursuit of knowledge that transcends traditional boundaries.

Praveen's skill set extends far beyond coding. His leadership role in building SkyHarbour's sophisticated security surveillance system and his self-taught mastery of programming languages highlight an unboxable talent's essence. Positioned in Mysore, India, Praveen's work embodies a unique blend of self-discipline, boundless creativity, and a continual thirst for growth. His story stands as a testament to what can be achieved with curiosity, dedication, and a willingness to venture beyond the conventional paths of learning and development.

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