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Praveen as Principal Engineer

I designed key product components like SSO login, ACL, Analytics, and Org Chart, cutting development time from 6-8 months to 2 months by using Hasura, Cube.js, Clickhouse, and Dify. I also set standards for maintainability and performance with Rails conventions, design patterns, and SOLID principles, and mentored developers to build scalable, maintainable products.

Tech Stacks

  • Backend: ¬†Ruby on Rails & Node.js for a robust and scalable server-side solution
  • Database: ¬†MySQL for efficient data storage and retrieval
  • Frontend: ¬†React for a dynamic and responsive web interface
  • Deployment: ¬†Kubernetes for orchestration and AWS for cloud infrastructure, ensuring seamless scalability

Roles & Responsibilities

As a Principal Engineer at PeopleBox, my responsibilities encompassed multiple facets of the software development process. The main goal of my role was to enhance the scalability and readability of our codebase, ensuring that it was easily extensible and capable of supporting the company's rapid growth. Here's a detailed breakdown of my roles and responsibilities:

  • Mentoring Developers: ¬†Guided mid-level developers to consider wider implications of their code for future scalability and maintainability.
  • Codebase Re-architecture: ¬†Transformed a hard-to-scale codebase into an efficient, extendable, and high-performing system.
  • Enhancing Documentation: ¬†Upgraded existing documentation to facilitate easy understanding and future modifications of the codebase.
  • Release Planning: ¬†Oversaw the planning and rollout of product releases, ensuring smooth transitions and minimal disruption.
  • Building a Stable Product: ¬†Aimed for a robust and scalable product that could handle growing customer needs and evolving business requirements.


  • Thinking Big: ¬†Training mid-level developers to approach feature building with a broader perspective.
  • Strategic Refactoring: ¬†Learning how to rearchitect code thoughtfully, preserving functionality while enhancing scalability and maintainability.
  • Documentation Importance: ¬†Recognizing the vital role of comprehensive documentation in ensuring long-term project success.
  • Release Planning: ¬†Gaining insights into effective release planning to build a stable product.
  • Code Quality: ¬†Understanding the balance between scalability, readability, and extendability to make development more efficient and product robust.

Throughout my tenure at PeopleBox, my role was not only about writing code but also about thinking critically, organizing effectively, and planning strategically. As a Principal Engineer, I found myself at the intersection of technical expertise, mentorship, and product strategy, driving the company's tech vision forward.