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Praveen as Senior IoT Engineer

Designed and implemented an advanced security surveillance system for SkyHarbor, integrating IoT technologies like security cameras, smart locks, and Ring doorbells. Developed APIs to unify facility management via a mobile app, streamlining operations. Innovated security measures and IoT deployment, significantly boosting system efficiency and user control.

Tech Stacks

  • Backend: ¬†Node.js for server-side development
  • Containerization: ¬†Docker to package the application
  • Integration: ¬†Twilio for communication services and SmartThings Groovy IDE for IoT device control
  • Frontend: ¬†React Native mobile application
  • Deployment: ¬†Fastlane for continuous delivery and integration

Roles and Responsibilities

As a Lead Consultant at SkyHarbor, I was tasked with developing a security surveillance system for their aircraft hangar rental facilities. Using IoT devices and APIs, I created a system that enabled facility management through a mobile application.

  • IoT Device Integration: ¬†Integrated security cameras, ring doorbells, and smart locks into a comprehensive surveillance system.
  • API Development: ¬†Developed APIs to allow the management of multiple facilities through a mobile application.
  • SmartThings Integration: ¬†Creating, Connecting and Integrated SmartThings APIs with security cameras, ring doorbells, and smart locks.


  • Integration Challenges: ¬†Lessons learned in interoperability, particularly with various IoT devices and Samsung SmartThings.
  • Scalability Considerations: ¬†The need to plan carefully for a system that could accommodate multiple facilities and a wide range of devices.
  • Security Concerns: ¬†Insights into implementing security for both IoT devices and the application itself, given the sensitive nature of the environment.
  • User Accessibility: ¬†Understanding the importance of creating a user-friendly interface for customers to manage and monitor their hangars effectively.

The experience at SkyHarbor reinforced the power of IoT in revolutionizing industry-specific operations and offered a deep understanding of the architecture needed for such integrations.