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Praveen as CTO & Co-Founder

Led tech initiatives to accelerate web and mobile app development with Ruby on Rails and Flutter, creating scalable APIs with Hasura. Managed a global remote team of 25, driving project success and cohesion across time zones. Drove fundraising and product-market fit efforts, securing vital capital for growth. Integrated NFTs and AI into products, navigating blockchain and LLM complexities to enhance innovation and market relevance.

Tech Stacks

  • Web App: ¬†Ruby on Rails was the technology of choice for quick web MVP
  • Mobile App: ¬†Flutter was utilized to build the mobile application.
  • API: ¬†Hasura and GraphQL were used for creating efficient, scalable APIs.
  • Database: ¬†Postgres was used for data management and storage.

Roles and Responsibilities

As the CTO & Co-Founder of Storya, a startup aimed at transforming the publishing industry, I took on a myriad of responsibilities, from technical leadership to remote team management.

  • Technical Leadership: ¬†Directed the technology decisions and managed the development process, using Ruby on Rails for quick web MVP, Flutter for mobile application, and Hasura with GraphQL for creating efficient, scalable APIs.
  • Database Management: ¬†Utilized Postgres for all data management and storage needs.
  • Remote Team Collaboration: ¬†Coordinated a team of 25 individuals spread across 10 different time zones.
  • Fundraising and PMF Pursuit: ¬†Actively participated in fundraising efforts and worked towards achieving a product-market fit.
  • NFT Launches: ¬†Oversaw the launch of NFTs, stepping into the world of blockchain technology and grappling with the complexities of integrating them into the existing product.


  • Speedy Product Development: ¬†Mastered the art of rapidly developing scalable products. This was possible by choosing the right technology and frameworks, such as Hasura for backend development and Flutter for frontend development.
  • Remote Team Management: ¬†Acquired skills to effectively manage a remote team, particularly one spread across 10 different time zones. This taught invaluable lessons about team coordination and collaboration in a remote work setup.
  • Fundraising and Product-Market Fit (PMF): ¬†Gained a nuanced understanding of the fundraising process and the importance of finding a product-market fit, both crucial factors in a startup's journey.
  • NFT Launches: ¬†Stepped into the world of blockchain technology with the launch of NFTs. This involved learning the basics of Solidity, understanding the significance of NFTs, and grappling with the complexities of integrating them into the existing product.
  • Embracing Failure as a Stepping Stone: ¬†Finally, learned that failure is not the end, but a stepping stone to success. Recognizing the mistakes made, introspecting on them, and implementing the learnings in future endeavors is the path to progress. This overarching lesson has been instrumental in personal and professional growth.

My time with Storya was a challenging yet invaluable experience that bolstered my technical leadership skills and gave me insights into the dynamics of a startup, from managing a remote team to handling the intricacies of fundraising. While Storya might have been a failed venture, it paved the way for future successes by providing me with the opportunity to learn from mistakes, adapt to challenges, and ultimately grow both personally and professionally.