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Praveen as Lead Engineer

As the first employee, I set foundational technical standards and practices. I led the Job Simulator development from inception, aligning technical strategies with business goals alongside non-tech founders. Utilized Node.js and GraphQL for server-side development and React for dynamic front-end experiences.

Tech Stacks

  • Backend: ¬†Node.js, with AWS Lambda and Serverless for backend operations.
  • Frontend: ¬†React for an intuitive and interactive user interface.
  • Data Management: ¬†GraphQL for efficient data querying and Postgres for data storage.
  • Authentication: ¬†Implementing SSO (Single Sign-On) from scratch.
  • Deployment: ¬†AWS Lambda with Serverless for deployment and scalability.

Roles & Responsibilities

As a Lead Engineer at Unboxable, my primary responsibility was to spearhead the development of our Job Simulator technology. This tool aimed to provide a data-driven approach to hiring processes, by simulating real-world scenarios for candidates and assessing their performance.

  • Custom Solutions: ¬†Developed tailored solutions to meet specific client needs.
  • Product Development: ¬†Led the technical team in building the Job Simulator technology.
  • Collaboration: ¬†Worked closely with the frontend developers to ensure a cohesive final product.
  • Backend Development: ¬†Utilized Node.js for server-side development.


  • Tech Leadership: ¬†As a lead engineer, I gained invaluable experience in guiding a team, specifically collaborating with frontend developers.
  • SSO Implementation: ¬†Creating an SSO mechanism from scratch provided in-depth understanding of secure authentication processes.
  • Customer-Centric Development: ¬†Building customized solutions honed my skills in understanding and translating customer needs into effective product features.
  • Startup Inspiration: ¬†Working closely with the inspiring female founders of Unboxable fostered my entrepreneurial spirit and motivation to build my own startup.

My journey at Unboxable was marked by pioneering technological advances in recruitment processes and working closely with an inspiring team of founders. This experience was instrumental in shaping my path as an innovator and problem-solver in the tech world.